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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby Dream

Not the first, and almost certainly not the last, but I had a baby dream last night that I would classify as a "bad mother" dream. In my bad mother baby dreams, I have forgotten to take the baby (Justin) home from the hospital, been scared of my supernaturally talking or flying babies (Justin and Mina,) and had a hungry baby but nothing with which to feed or diaper him or her(can't remember which one that was!) In this particular bad mother dream, I wanted to nurse the exclusively breastfed baby (who happened to be a Maya-like baby girl) but was too busy to find the time. I was supposed to nurse her every couple of hours, but was only managing every six hours or so. The milk supply was dwindling, she was losing interest, and I was feeling like such a bad mother!

I was just at a gathering with a group of moms who were discussing breastfeeding concerns on Tuesday and I do have some anxiety myself since my last three have failed to gain weight satisfactorily until I supplemented with formula, and I already struggle with finding time for things, so the dream isn't terribly surprising! At least not until the janitor for the bank I worked for 13 years ago appeared with some keys I had been unable to find. It was nice to see his pleasant smile again, but that was a surprise! I've spent half the morning now trying to remember his name and wondering what became of him.


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